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Can Osteopathy Help You?

      - By Robin Adams and the West Country Osteopaths Team

      - Originall published in CityPress August 2012


We are often asked 'What do osteopaths do?'. The majority of the work is treating peoples aches and pains, whether it be back, neck, feet, head or anywhere else. In the main, work is musculo-skeletal i.e. joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments.


What conditions are treated with osteopathy?

Osteopaths are well known for treating back and neck pain (including lumbago and wry neck). Perhaps less well known is osteopathy can provide effective treatment for a wide range of other conditions.


Shoulder pains including frozen shoulder


Hip arthritis

Knee arthritis and runners knee

Plantar fasciitis and other painful foot conditions

Tennis elbow



But what do osteopaths actually do?

This largely depends on the reason for a patient visiting us, but the treatment will always involve a thorough assessment. This may involve joint movement evaluation (including back or neck), strength testing, postural assessment, neurological assessment, cardio-vascular assessment etc.

Testing of the structures involved – such as muscles, ligaments or cartilages.

Assessment of the factors causing the pain. This is often to do with posture, work, sport, gardening, previous medical history, injury history etc.


Following the assessment, your condition will be discussed and explained, along with a suitable treatment plan. (in instances where a more serious condition may exist, clients will be referred to their GP or another professional)


The treatment plan will normally include the estimated number treatments required, suitable exercise programmes, postural advice, and advice about relevant activities such as work, sport, gardening atc.


At West Country Osteopaths, we also have available more specialist equipment for gait scanning

(biomechanical foot evaluation) and Posture Scanning Software for more detailed evaluation of a persons posture.


The majority of patients are treated in 4 or 5 sessions, ensuring good value for money. Some clients with long term conditions choose to book a regular maintenance treatment every few months to help maintain their mobility and quality of life.


To book an initial appointment, or for further information, call West Country Osteopaths on 01392 555111. (or visit the website on


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