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What is the cause of your back pain?


Back pain is a condition that most people will suffer from at some stage in their lives. For some it is a mild annoyance, but for many it can really hinder their enjoyment of normal activities, such as exercising, going to work or looking after your family. As an osteopath the cause of back pain is a question that we discuss daily, and there are several commonly recurring answers.


Heavy Manual Work

This is one of the more obvious causes. We can all recall an occasion that we have done some heavy work around the home, and suffered with back pain the following day. For some, this is more regular and there may be a cumulative effect if you are doing heavy work on a daily basis. Your body may gradually build up tension in the muscles and stiffness in the joints – arising from chronic inflammation. Good lifting technique is essential as is balancing the heavy lifting with some stretching and cardiovascular exercise.



All of us need a posture check from time to time, as it is human nature to gradually let our posture relax. It tends to be worse for people performing sedentary work. Try getting somebody else to look at your posture whilst you are working. Poor posture leads to a chronic build up of muscular tension and joint stiffness.


Exercise (or lack of it)

Regular exercise helps us to keep our muscles and joints in good order. Lack of exercise leads to poor core strength, posture, muscle tone and circulation. Exercise should consist of a balance of stretching, strengthening, and cardiovascular. Activities such as swimming, pilates and tai-chi are good for a healthy back.



At West Country Integrated Health, we assist clients with osteopathy, physiotherapy and massage. Treatment is carefully tailored to your individual needs such that your health and comfort are always a priority. Whether it be a chronic ache or an acute spasm, our therapists will investigate the likely causes, and assist you in your recovery through careful therapy and advice.


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