Would You Like A Little More Bounce In Your Feet?

By Robin Adams. Originally published in CityPress magazine February 2012.


Would you like to be able to walk or run a little further, faster, or with less pain? Many people could use their feet more actively, with less pain pain and more stability by following good advice..


Our feet typically take 10000 steps a day absorbing the impact of our bodyweight landing on each step. It is surprising therefore, that they work as well as they do.


A good foot cleverly absorbs much of the impact in each step and efficiently moves to propel our bodyweight forward. A good foot will help you to walk and run. It will also help you to hold your posture better and improve core stability


Most people like to walk barefoot when they are indoors at least some of the time. This is because the foot is a sensitive structure and when barefoot, we feel more in contact with the ground. Our brain gets a great deal of feedback about the pressure under our feet and the position of our feet. This enables us to use our feet in a more active way – as nature intended.


At West Country Osteopaths we use a digital gaitscan to look at the pressure under your feet and how your feet move. From this, we are able to advise the best approach to treatment and improved foot function. This will often involve a rehab programme that we call Foot Active Balance, or the use of orthotic insoles to help support your feet. Typically this helps people with conditions such as plantar fasciitis, mortons neuroma or painful bunions. It is also equally beneficial to people with hip, knee or back complaints affected by the feet or people who simply want to walk and run as far and as fast as possible.


For further details contact West Country Osteopaths on 01392 555111. Note Gaitscan must be carried out in Exeter. Other assessment and treatment can be carried out in Exeter, Exmouth or Ottery.