Walking Without Pain

A Guide To Overcoming Plantar Fasciitis

Originally published in CityPress magazine April 2012


You may recall how, as a child, you moved comfortably, barely noticing your feet. This is because they were so comfortable. If you are unfortunate enough to suffer the stabbing pain of plantar fasciitis, the simple act of walking can be almost unbearable. Here is some advice to help avoid this painful condition and be able to walk comfortably again.


Quite simply, pain occurs because the connective tissue under the foot is strained. This may be affected by our weight, fitness, our foot biomechanics (how we walk), our footwear and our genetic make up.


Top tips

  1. If you are carrying a bit too much weight, it really does help if you can lose a few pounds

  2. Look at you footwear. Light weight, poor quality shoes may be adding to the problem. Strong supportive shoes or trainers should help – especially if they have a shock absorbing sole.

  3. Try some simple calf stretches. Aim to perform a calf stretch for 15 seconds 5 or 6 times per day. If you are not sure how, try looking it up or asking an expert.

  4. Use a golf ball or baked bean tin and roll your foot to and fro. It gently massages the underside of the foot and helps to mobilise

  5. Seek some professional assistance. (See the coupon below)


The good new is you can overcome plantar fasciitis with specialist osteopathic treatment available at West Country Integrated Health. Beginning with a GaitScan assessment, which helps to visually show the cause of the problem. Treatments may include manipulation, exercise and/or orthotic insoles (and ocassionally medical acupuncture). After 12 years of successfully treating plantar fasciitis patients, we have now developed the foot active balance programme – a programme combining treatment and exercise helping patients to use their feet without straining the plantar fascia.


Of course, as with many of our treatment programmes, the foot active balance programme does not just help with plantar fasciitis. It improves the function of the whole foot and helps you to improve your core stability at the same time.


To book an appointment or to request a call from a qualified professional call West Country Integrated Health on 01392 555111.