Are your feet causing you pain?
Love them or loathe them, your feet play an important role in your life. As well as being a means of
getting around, healthy feet are vital to good posture and a healthy spine, hips and knees.
In our modern lifestyles, most feet get little consideration beyond which pair of shoes we choose to
wear, and yet they are so important. Studies have shown that poor foot biomechanics contribute
towards low back pain, osteoarthritis of the hips and painful conditions of the knees. Modern
footwear and lifestyles allow our feet to become weakened.
Healthy feet behave like shock absorbers on a car, reducing the impact that is transmitted up the leg
to the knees, hips and back. Unhealthy feet become become solid, like a flat tyre, transmitting all
the forces directly to the joints. Poor foot biomechanics also cause excessive rotation at the knee
and hip. This changes the wear pattern within the joint capsules – similar to having faulty tracking
on a car. It also causes the lower back to arch further in a pattern we call lumbar lordosis. This
creates greater strain on the postural muscles and more pressure and impact on the joints of the
Using computerised gaitscanning, we are able to assess how your feet are functioning, and how this
may be affecting your your muscles and joints. By combining this with regular osteopathic
assessment, we are able to see a more comprehensive picture of the factors affecting joint pain.
Using a combination of exercise, osteopathic treatment and supports, we can then give the best
combined therapy to help people become healthier. For some, this may get them back on their feet
to walk to the local shop, whilst for others it may help them achieve their next personal best