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Preventing Neck And Shoulder Pain.

- by Robin Adams and the West Country Osteopaths Team

- originally published in CityPress Magazine


A rather bold title, given how frequently we encounter neck and shoulder aches. They are especially prevalent amongst those working at a desk or with a more sedentary lifestyle. The good news is that most are musculo-skeletal conditions and will improve with a few lifestyle changes – and it is those that we are considering here.


Exercise – love it or hate, muscles and joints benefit from regular exercise. If you're not regularly exercising, try a little swimming, pilates or tai-chi – all are known to help with chronic pain conditions.


Posture – if you're a little too round shouldered, this may be a key factor leading to neck and shoulder pain. Good posture does not just happen, it requires flexibility, postural strength, conscious awareness of how your posture is and regular exercise. Small regular posture exercises help to develop both awareness and ability to hold better posture.


Age-related changes – we all gain a few more aches with age, and most will get some arthritis. Exercise, posture and osteopathic treatment all help to minimise the pain and stiffness associated with wear and tear.


Knowing our limits – we all benefit from gentle exercise, but pushing ourselves too hard inevitably results in aches and injuries. Whether it be gardening, walking or other exercise, learning our physical limits, and restraining our exertions allows us to maintain optimum fitness and avoid injury.


At Westy Country Osteopaths, we work with many clients, helping them manage and alleviate neck and back pain, through treatment and posture programmes For a full assessment, treatment and help in leading a healthier life with less pain, please contact us on 01392 555111.


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