Testimonials For West Country Osteopaths

"Robin - thanks so much for all your help and patience in working on my terrible posture!"

Caroline Stevens


“My headache and backache stopped after treatment. It was clear I was in the hands of a professional who got to the root cause of the problem.”

Patrick Holford,
Author and Nutritional Therapist


"After months of limited mobility in my back I decided this was not normal for a 37 year old active male and need to resolve this. After the first visit to Robin W.C.O. (West Country Osteopaths) the situation had improved beyond expectation. After several more follow up visits I am back to where I should be with mobility."

Steve Jones
Sales Manager


"I have had menieres and tinnitus for many years with pain in the back of my neckand jaw non-stop. Following several visits, with manipulation and head massages, I now have no pain in these areas and have periods of great relief from tinnitus and some time, when the dizziness is lessened and my balance improved. I consider the treatment to be of great help."

Mrs M.A.Parsons


"My experience with Robin at West Country Osteopaths has been extraordinary, from the kind and accommodating reception services to the excellent personalised care from my Osteopaths. After suffering with an extremely painful bulging disk, only tolerating the discomfort with high doses of morphine, my doctors told me spinal surgery was inevitable. After just 4 sessions with my Osteopath I dramatically improved and am no longer a candidate for surgery! I have felt very comfortable working with Robin, as he tailors treatment to my specific needs.... … I would recommend West Country Osteopaths to my own mother. Thank you for giving me my mobility back. What you do is truly priceless."

Kestrel O'Conally

"The treatment I have received has been excellent. When I made my first appointment I was unable to perform many tasks for any length of time. For the last two months I have been gardening and performing general DIY. Great!!"

John Smale
Whitstone, Cornwall